Hidden Gentlemen are a father/son songwriting/production team who work out of their custom-built recording studio in Glastonbury, UK.  

You won’t find them playing in your local venue as all their time the past year has been spent writing and recording monthly single releases. This has allowed them to discover their sound which sits somewhere in the Indie/Alt Rock/Alt Pop world. 

They blend the music they grew up with (David Bowie, Incubus, Radiohead, Free) played on guitar (Mark Anthony) and drums (Kyle Cullen) with modern sounds. The low end is taken up with synth bass and most songs including a sprinkling (or more) of synth pads and atmospheres ranging from lush 80s sounds to modern cutting tones. 

If you are interested in checking them out ‘live’ they stream the whole process on a multi-cam setup live on Twitch – (7pm Fri, Sat and Sunday and Saturday afternoon at 2pm GMT).  

This is a great time to interact with them as they are happy to take breaks in the recording/jamming to chat to their followers. Either about the music, the recording process or any of the weird and wonderful topics that the chat users bring up. (how someone is going to send a smoothie from Canada to the UK still has to be worked out) 

Mark is the songwriter. Typically found with an acoustic in hand. Writing a basic outline of songs before bringing it to the studio to jam out between electric guitar and live drums. 

His style can be summed up as unique guitar riffs and powerful interesting vocal melodies. Reminiscent of Paul Rodgers (Free) mixed with David Bowie while also managing to sound completely like himself  

Kyle plays drums, he has played many styles over the years but finds the funky groovy based rock/pop styles to be where he’s most at home.  

He also knows his way around the recording software which serves as the 3rd (4th and 5th) member of the band. 

Before Hidden Gentlemen holed themselves up in the studio, they have been seen at Glastonbury Festival, Sat In A Field fest and Home Farm Fest 


‘Open the door to a smokey bar, if you look around, you’ll find the hidden gentlemen are here. 

Hidden Gentlemen are a rock trio with some electronic tinkering on their album which gives it a very new wave feel. With relaxed grooves and heartfelt lyricism, it’s hard not to get into their music’ – Left Of The Dial 

‘Hidden Gentlemen are old hands at the music game and their no nonsense (or bullshit for that matter) approach is something impossible to fault.’ – Musically Fresh’ 

The first song on the EP is Sound of Your Own Voice. This song has an almost hypnotic quality to it, it’s relaxing and it draws you in.’ – Opinion Overload Bristol 

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